CC+COOPY is published as free Creative Commons non-commercial licenses (CC+) in combination with cooperative licenses; COOPY grants a commercial license for all the activities granted under the companion CC License provided the cooperative terms and conditions are met.  These vary depending on which non-commercial license is supported. 

There are two variants at present,
COOPYright which we apply by default to content recording human expression such as video of performances, music recordings and photographs, and COOPYshare which we apply by default to works of authorship, programming and inventions.  Any item of content may be labelled as COOPYright or COOPYshare to confirm or change the default, or as CC+COOPY to indicate that either variant is used according to the default applicability.

COOPYright means licensed for non-commercial use, under a  Creative Commons License Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License which prohibits derived works. Licensor extends the same license rights for commercial use,  provided Licenee agrees to copy, use or perform the work intact including any advertising, product referal or other revenue generating mechanisms and not to remove, tamper with or disable any part thereof.  

COOPYright is the default licensing scheme for content items of human voice, video or image unless otherwise determined and notified by all persons whose voice or image is contained in the content.

COOPYshare means licensed for non-commercial use under a Creative Commons License   Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License, and for commercial use Licensor agrees that any revenue will be shared fairly among copyright and other stake holders according to cooperative principles set out in our COOPYshare page. 

COOPYshare is the default licensing scheme for ideas and inventions, text and scripts and any CC+COOPY licensed content which is not COOPYright.

For example the Coopyshare licence is COOPYshare by action of the default. The Family Systems inventions on are likewise, as are the arrangements of songs on uplay2 by Brian Reynolds


Derivation: This Family Systems Cooperative License V4.1 known as CC+COOPY is part of the software business of Family Systems Ltd and is derived from the provisions of the enrolment rules of Verbol Web server V3 and the cooperative business model incorporated by reference therein. It is further adapted and simplified to build upon Creative Commons Licensing for non-commercial use.  Inclusion statement: Any use of CC+COOPY, its forebears and derivations in whole or in part are themselves subject to the CC+COOPY Licenses.


The free registration and archive service

Family Systems intends to offer this service as part of our Ibook System business as this term is used in the license for Ibook System Patents.  This empowers us to license those patents to users of Family Systems products and services.  We are presently licensing these and our Web Collaboration and Play Along inventions to users of the COOPYshare license who register with us.

We are at a pre-alpha test, consulting stage, so right now, to register please email stating your preference for user-name, purpose of your cooperative, license used and any other details you wish to share.  We will log the correspondence in which we all can access with the password "library".

We will set up an email account <user-name> to which you may copy for archiving and reference purposes all the email correspondence from your contributors.  

We will also reserve a Google Sites web site for your use at<user-name> which you can use to publicise and promote your cooperative, provided your public pages stay within our editorial policy  "All that is good and fair, respecting the equality and rights of all"

Other Cooperative Licenses: If you have another licensing scheme that fits the Cooperative Principles, we will consider it for service.  Please email us the same way including or referencing your license and stating whether it is a derivative of our licenses or ideas.