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This page explains the ideas for COOPYright and COOPYshare. Presently implementing as CC+COOPY at  Get involved COOPY COOPYtunity


This site is the home of the definition of COOPY the Cooperative License and its manifestations. 

Our present implementation CC+COOPY adopts appropriate Creative Commons licenses for non-commercial use and adds COOPY cooperative licences for commercial use according to Cooperative Principles

COOPY is short for cooperative licensing of copying (in which we agree to cooperate on copying).  At present there are two variants, cooperative licensing of copying rights without change or removal of any revenue sources such as adverts, shortened to COOPYright, and cooperative licensing of copying including derivations with sharing of any resulting revenues, shortened to COOPYshare.  So Cooperative License of copying = COOPY + right or share.
The two variants coopyright and coopyshare are normaly written as COOPYright and COOPYshare for a more distinctive presentation such as in notices on content works.

Commercial COOPYright works earn their revenue themselves such as by containing advertising, product referrals or voluntary appeals, and these may not be removed or altered by licensees.  

COOPYright licensors cooperate with licensees by letting them copy and distribute their work (for both commercial and non-commercial purposes), provided the licensees cooperate with licensors by not modifying the work or removing the COOPYright notice or any commercial content of the licensor such as advertising.

Commercial COOPYshare works gain their revenue in similar ways but licensees may remove or replace licensors advertising provided they share their own revenue fairly according to Cooperative Principles.   

COOPYshare licensors cooperate with licensees by letting them copy, distribute and create derived works (for both commercial and non-commercial purposes) provided the licensees also license their derived works as COOPYshare and share any revenue arising fairly with their licensors. 

Neither COOPYright nor COOPYshare levy any charge for the acts of copying (or compilation in the copyright sense) and distribution, and in the case of COOPYshare, creating a derived work, either for personal use or public use.  Neither need to distinguish between commercial and non-commercial use, though as a convenience and to benefit from its familiarity, our present implementation CC+COOPY adopts the appropriate Creative Commons licenses for non-commercial use and adds Cooperative Licences for commercial use.

The contents of a work may be partly COOPYright and partly COOPYshare which means some portions of content are licensed as COOPYright so the licensee may not change it and some as COOPYshare which allows derivations.  The CC+COOPY licenses assign defaults of COOPYright for media such as voice and video and COOPYshare for works of text such as documents and scripts which may be over-ridden by explicit COOPYright  or COOPYshare notices.


Q. How Does the Coop License relate to Open Source?
A. We are not competing with open source, rather offering a cooperative addition to the part they don't cover.  At present we are building COOPY on the Creative Commons open licences for non-commercial use, and adding commercial use at CC+COOPY.  We would be interested in working with the GPL also.

Q.  Why cooperative?  
A.  In the information realm with the Internet all contributors are essentially peers and so can and should be equally empowered.  Therefore the natural way to work together is cooperatively.
     Many have pioneered and practise cooperative endeavor in the material fields, but limited in the IP fields so far.  We believe that the cooperative is the right paradigm with the right principles and so to encourage their formation and existence we plan to license Family Systems patents to any cooperative  formed and operated to the cooperative principles and which uses an Ibook System product or service.  Our starting point is the free registration and archive service for information cooperatives.

Q. How do we apply the Education principle of Cooperatives?
A.  We take our particular role in the educational objective of the Cooperative movement as being to empower all with all the benefits of the Internet and software and peer to peer realms in our Information universe.

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ICA Statement on the Co-operative Identity

Cooperative Principles

 CC+COOPY Notice for this Domain
  All information, media, behavior or other content originating on any hosts on this domain or derived therefrom (Content) are licensed under CC+COOPY (click to access the lincenses), unless otherwise specified by a notice attached to or associated with specific content. 
  By the use of any such Content whether viewed, copied, performed, practiced, compiled, derived, or other means, you acknowledge and agree the Licenses set out at
CC+COOPY on such content and on any copies, performances, or other derivations that you make or utilise (Derivations). 
  Our editorial policy is "All that is good and fair, respecting the equality and rights of all" where good is defined as anything which does not cause or incite harm.  Please follow this policy in all your contributions.  The sponsor of this domain may remove those which do not.
  Please copy this entire Notice or this short form "Licensed as
CC+COOPY" (or its variants COOPYright or COOPYshare as appropriate) into or associated with all such Derivations wherever hosted, and into or associated with your original contributions to this domain, whether pages, emails, videos etc (Contributions) to acknowledge and notify so licensing.  (Such Derivations and Contributions are subject to the terms of said licenses whether or not so marked.) 
  On media which do not support a hyperlink you may use "Licensed as CC+COOPY on"  
  You may also spawn (ie copy with attribution) CC+COOPY to your domain and refer to it there.
Please email if you do so, with a link or reference to the copy.